IT-Ichthyo Trophic

Natural Fish Food - helping aquarium fish to live in a more natural environment

“Many illnesses which aquarium fish suffer from are not only caused by lack of vitamins or by artificial food, but by the lack of movement which this food creates. Illness may also be caused by overfeeding, which often occurs out of laziness of the personnel (comparable with cattle feeding). Only living, moving food makes fish active, which is so essential."
(Dr. Helmut Dittmars, DATZ 1/96, p. 49).

Experienced aquarists and successful breeders have known this all along.

IT-Ichthyo Trophic is specialised in breeding, harvesting and packaging live aquarium food, increasing the popularity in European aquariums as well as nourishing their inhabitants more healthily.

This concept has quickly proven to be very successful.


Our international team can supply you with a wide range of live zoo plankton in polystyrene blister packs and in polyethylene bags all year round. This hygienic and practical packaging makes storage, sale and use easier and attractive to enthusiasts and retailers. It contributes to the care of aquarium animals in a way which is closer to nature.

We select, in complex processes, the best quality living plankton and keep them in containers of running water for at least 7 days. Before packing tested fish therapeutics are applied at defined intervals, such as quarantine, conditioning and cleaning, to ensure that viruses are no longer a danger.



The packaging water is filtered through zeolite then enhanced with a mixture of salt and trace elements made up according to the physiological needs of each species.

The packaging, which is specially produced for us, is made of material which facilitates the exchange of gases and guarantees the oxygen requirements of the live content.

We have optimised our packaging technology for live food nourishment through many years of research and guarantee both it's veterinary hygiene and ecological correctness. We also guarantee vitamin quality and content, nutritional value, properties concerning flavour and the fact that - if adequate fresh air is available - it allows storage of up to one to two weeks before use when temperatures of
5 - 8°C are maintained.